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Spewed on: January 2, 2012
On the FishCAM web page are controls that allow our viewers to turn the aquarium light on and off, and also to pump air through an air stone. These functions are controlled by a Phidgets 1012 I/O interface. The interface is connected to the FishCAMís computer via USB. A bit of .NET programming on the web page directs the 1012 interface to open or close its digital switches, which in turn control the aquarium light and air pump. The light is low voltage so the interface switches its power directly. The air pump, however, runs from line voltage so a FOTEK SSR-40 DA solid-state relay sits between the 1012 interface and the pump. The interface controls the relay and the relay switches the pumpís power. There are still quite a few unused digital switches on the interface; perhaps I will think of other useless gimmicks to employ.

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The FishCAM and Fish-Keeping
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