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October 10, 2015 - The fish are back in the aquarium. They grew a lot over the summer. Hopefully, they will survive their time inside. The pond needs serious maintenance, and I may completely rethink how it’s put together next year. I also notice Flash now requires an extra click. Security feature, I suppose.

Some notes about the FishCAM:
  • You’re gonna need Flash until I get around to streaming HTML5.
  • A fast Internet connection will make for a more pleasant experience.
  • We can accept somewhere between five and ten concurrent viewers. (Free software goes only so far.)
  • Turning the light off and on can introduce some buffering as the camera attempts to adjust its sensitivity. This can make the controls slugginsh. To fix the situation, reload the page.
  • You’re limited to cycling the light on and off four times per 30 minute time period. If you want to mess with the fish, use bubbles.
  • Speaking of messes, goldfish poop a lot. It’s gross. We apologize if you happen to witness this event.
  • Oh, and Happy Easter!

The FishCAM is unavailable between 10:00PM and 7:00AM Eastern Time. The fish (and the plants) need their rest. (And we might be in our underpants!) Click on the links to the right for some “behind the scenes” pictures. 
Behind the Scenes